Museum Tours

Rabbi Forta's Tanach Tours at the British Museum include a visit to the Museum archive (with the exception of Sunday tours) where one of the Museum's own experts presents a selection of items from ancient Egypt relating to our ancestors' slavery and exodus.  Private tours and tours for schools are available by arrangement. A new Greek & Roman Tour is currently in construction.  It is expected to be available later in 2014. The full upcoming tour schedule is available online.

Tanach Tour

The Tanach is the introductory chapter to each Jew's autobiography.

Join the tour and:
  • see a 3,500 year old Egyptian mud brick with the straw still visible, stamped with the seal of Pharaoh Ramses
  • see carvings from Sancheriv’s palace showing his capture of Lachish
  • view a section of wall from the palace at Shushan that Queen Esther herself must have seen
  • listen as one of the Museum’s experts presents artefacts from Egypt dating from the time of our ancestors’ slavery.
  • ... and much, much more.

Greek & Roman Tour

Details of this new and exciting tour will be posted shortly.