About Rabbi Forta

Rabbi Arye Forta is a graduate of Yeshivot (Talmudic Academies) in England and Israel.  He also holds a degree in Education. In a career spanning more than forty years, he has taught Biblical Hebrew, Tanach and ancient Jewish History to all ages from eight to eighty. He has authored several books on Judaism and has been a regular contributer to the opinion columns of several newspapers, Jewish and national.

In 1993 he founded J-Link, an outreach programme to Jewish children that operated in their non-Jewish schools and directed its activities until 2003.  He has also taught as a visiting lecturer on teacher training courses at King's College, London and Homerton College, Cambridge.

Rabbi Forta began conducting Tanach Tours at the British Museum in 1976. In 2008, after a lapse of many years, he restarted them in conjunction with the Museum’s own experts. His aim is to open up a window on to the Tanach and bring people as close as we can get to the world of our ancestors. His tours usually run twice a month, as advertised on shul notice boards and Jewish communal websites, some of them in conjunction with the Museum's own experts. A Jewish Greek and Roman Tour is in preparation.  Click on the 'upcoming tours' link on the menu to your left for dates of scheduled tours.  Anyone wishing to take part, or simply wanting more information, can contact him on 020 8458 6221 or 07956 512 773 or email him at tours@forta.com