זכר ימות עולם בינו שנות דר ודור (דברים ל״ב ז)

Remember the days of old, examine the years of successive generations…. (Deut. 32:7)
For Jews, history is not just about the past. It is both personal to us and ongoing for, in every age, our history defines who we are, our kinship with other Jews and our relationship to and role within the wider humanity.

Living Jewish History is here to help you cross the threshold of time and encounter the world of our ancestors. Theirs was a world dominated by major powers that rose and fell as they fought for hegemony. Our ancestors, living in their shadow, faced an almost incessant struggle against foreign rule and the inroads of alien cultures. Their earliest trials and triumphs are recorded in vivid detail in the Tanach; their experiences are enshrined in the fasts and festive days of our calendar. Through Museum Tours, lectures, and shiurim, Living Jewish History aims to bring you into contact with this world and highlight how it has shaped our own Jewish identity.